Music usage Notice

at Intiem Weddings

At Intiem Weddings, we give the opportunity to the client to play his her own music during their wedding, and or event. The client does have the opportunity to hire a portable speaker from Intiem, but can also bring their own music equipment.

Intiem Weddings, thus, do not hold or need to have, a SAMPRA license due to the fact that each couple are responsible for their own audible music or sound recordings.

Under the South African copyright act, "South African Copyright Act (Act 98 of 1978, as amended)", all individuals who play copyright music or sound to the public, is responsible to pay a license fee - YES, that means that even at your braai at home, you need a license to play music. CRAZY!!

We, at Intiem Weddings, make it our duty to inform our clients about the rights and obligations with regard to playing copyright music or sounds, audible to the public. We also only refer SAMPRA licensed mobile DJ's.

Intiem Weddings take no responsibility for clients who use unlicensed DJ's, or clients who play their own music and is not licensed to do so.

  1. The communicating of sound recordings to the public is a restricted act in terms of the South African Copyright Act (Act 98 of 1978, as amended) and Performers Protection Act (11 of 1967, as amended) and requires a licence from SAMPRA for the use of sound recordings in its repertoire. This includes sound recordings in RESTAURANTS, CAFES, BARS, CANTEENS AND COFFEE SHOPS and or WEDDING VENUES