Hi, I'm René

The wife of a wonderful husband, and the mother of two unbelievable children.

I remember my first wedding like yesterday. I was inexperienced, nervous and only 23 years old. I knew nothing about weddings, but I didn't want the bride to know that.

The wedding went perfect, and so did the more than 800 weddings since.

If weddings were my passion, then my family is my path.

I smile whenever I see Retief and Wouter play. They both make me laugh, and my husband is my safety. Klara is my connection to something unknown. My children are my motivation, and a piece of my heart.

Wine, Woolies Chutney Naks, and escaping to the bush...

The complexion of my simple life.

Intiem Was Born

April 2020

We laid in bed. Farm Kalabaspan was quiet. 2020 suddenly looked bleak.

I was 4 months pregnant with Klara. Funny how a year of excitement can suddenly turn into a dark place filled with uncertainties.

But as Wouter laid close to me, his calmness keeping me away from tears, I realised how intimate and full of passion these moments of darkness can be with the love of your life.

We laid there, in bed, talking for hours about how the way we host weddings should change. We no longer wanted the big all-night weddings. And we prayed that some engaged couples wanted the same: smaller weddings filled with passion, love, intimacy and God.

We talked for hours. Our words created Intiem.

We fell asleep holding each other. Intimately.


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Stevan & Ronel

What a special place - and so well hidden.
Very beautiful outside venue for weddings. I loved the arty set-up and eclectic furniture under the canopy of magnificent trees. It's chic, but neither shabby nor pretentious.
The food was delicious; you won't find mass catering or pre-made dishes here. A delectable variety of finger foods, salad bowls, skewers, cheeses - and they kept bringing more.
Setting new standards for Pretoria weddings.

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