Looking back at Franco and Hermené’s intimate wedding, I don’t think I have ever met a bride that smiled and laughed, as much as Hermené did on her wedding day. She has a sparkling personality and it caught my attention from the get go…I can only imagine how she mesmerized Franco when they first met, and most probably still do as they start their adventure together.

Franco was the quiet one at first but once the cosy party started, the bonfire burned and the music started to play the rhythms of their hearts, Franco was the life of the party.

On a sunny winter’s day, they tied the knot on our mountain top with a view! An intimate setting overlooking Hartbeespoortdam, just outside Pretoria. When you stand here on top of the Magaliesberg, it is quiet and tranquil with only maybe a few bird calls that would interrupt your thoughts (or maybe the click of Wouter Kleynhans capturing your day).

Winter time is beautiful in the bushveld. Close to sunset you’ll find yourself surrounded by the browns and oranges of the golden hour. The most romantic time of the day which makes for the most romantic intimate ceremony.

With only their closest friends (most of them from the french military) and loved ones they picked out by hand, the reception was extra intimate and special under thousands of fairy lights… dinner under the stars.

Everyone knitted closely together, blankets for gifts and fires burning, the atmosphere was cosy and familiar… family like, comfortable and intimate. After the speeches a mouth-watering dinner and some dancing and under the stars, they drove off into the night… the perfect ending to the perfect beginning.