As I was reaching out my hand to introduce myself to this beautiful couple, I knew, this is the start of a wonderful journey with them. I understood what they were dreaming about for their wedding day, understood their ideas and I knew Intiem Weddings will be the perfect venue for them.

Juan and Sara, both steady in their ways and going through life where they value their privacy. With their small and intimate wedding at the foot of the Magaliesberg, Juan couldn’t keep his eyes off the stunning Sara…and neither could we! Classical beauty with a hint of dare…tattoos and glasses, we loved it! That, together with our Macrame arch and vintage carpets, gave a type of bohemian feel to the whole day.

It was a not too common privilege to have their children part of their wedding party and this instant intimate family was a picture painted by an artist, as if it was already created a long time ago.

Sunset on the Mountain Top is always a winner. The golden colours of the winter air gives the most magnificent views and rays of sunlight over Hartbeespoortdam. It is indeed one of a kind!

That winters day the weather was pleasant and not too cold. Juan and Sara danced into the night. As it become cooler, the guests warmed themselves by the fire which created a cosy and intimate atmosphere that will keep them warm for many winter nights to come.