In the middle of the summer of 2021, during the rainy season in South Africa, Jaco and Natalia got married at Intiem Weddings, just outside Pretoria on the Brits road towards Hartbeespoortdam. This time of year, Vygekraal is at its greenest, the Fig Trees filled with leaves that creates a green umbrella, but unfortunately not dense enough so the rain will still find their way through the leaves, to the ground.

December is known as a hot month but that particular day was cool and cloudy. The rain set in from the morning so we had no other choice than to do the ceremony under our open plan lapa, which still gives you a cosy and intimate atmosphere.

A Rocker tone was set for the wedding day. Natalia had a jean jacket to protect her from the rain drops and had the most beautiful black boots any rocker chick can dream of!  

The ceremony was short and sweet and blessed with the rain from above. The guests thoroughly enjoyed our wide range of canapes on the harvest table and still talk about it till this day. The rain vanished for an hour or so, just enough time to take the most beautiful photos on the greenest grass and under the greenest Fig Trees you’ll ever see!  

The mountain top was cloudy and misty so photos there were bit of a challenge…and yet, there is always an alternative. Jaco and Natalia came back another day, all dressed up in wedding attire for another intimate couple photoshoot on the mountain top…and what a way to finish it off!