Two gentle, calm souls, quiet, observing and listening. Gathering thoughts about their intimate wedding ceremony…exactly the way they were when I first met Jaco and Simone, is how they were on their wedding celebration as well.

Only the second wedding for 2022 so everything felt fresh and full of anticipation. Their intimate ceremony took place under our magnificent Fig Trees in Vygekraal, at Intiem Weddings just outside Pretoria, at the foot of the Magaliesberg.  

You could feel the spirit of each soul present, the need to bless this couple on their wedding day. With young speakers and old hands, they were blessed indeed. The intimacy of the day, reflected in each guest’s eyes as they watched how Jaco and Simone promised their love to one another in the small circle of handpicked friends and family.

Intiem Weddings was the perfect venue pick for their ceremony celebration. It is was casual, yet cosy, comfortable, intimate and one of a kind.

As they walked hand in hand into the golden sunset on top of the mountain, the grass was still wet from the summer rain which almost disturber the ceremony but decided to give Jaco and Simone the afternoon to spend outside in the open air. You could see the rain clouds coming closer but they still had time to spend in one another’s arms in front of the camera lens. Drinking in all the beautiful views. Dreaming of their future together as husband and wife.